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Canton of Borderwinds' 34th Annual Court of Love

Saturday March 11th, 2017
Los Osos, California
Hail, citizens of the SCA!
To all citizens of The Known World do Tuathal MacCrimthain, Lord Protector, and Alia Martialis, Lady of Love and Beauty, offer an invitation to the Court of Love, in the Barony of Tarnmist on March 11, 2017, to honor their Roman roots in 5th century Britain.

Please RSVP to reserve your seat at the feast.

There will be: Chariot races!! Roman Gladiator games! Rapier fighting! A&S and food contests! A&S display! Chilrdren's activities! Silent Auction! And to top if off there will be a Roman feast.

10-11am - List will be open
11am - Chariot Races
Noon - Gladiator Fighting / Rapier Fighting, two erics
Children's classes will take place during the fighting near the erics
3pm - Children's hobby horse race
4pm - Lead Spoon Competition
5pm - Court
5:30ish - Appetizers will be served
7:30pm - Dessert will be served

A&S Competition
Best Dressed Roman Contest! Roman Garb, judged on beauty by the Lady of Love and Beauty

Gladiator fighting, bear-pit style. Anything but "sword & board" weapon style. The crowd can participate by giving a thumbs up to encourage a pair of fighters to rematch. There will be a Romans vs Barbarians melee at the end.

Food Competition
For the first time ever, introducting the Lead Spoon Competition. Subject: The most disgusting Roman food made authentically (allowing for modern health and safety standards), references required. Judged by the Lord Protector and any other brave souls.

Feast Menu
First Course
Hummus with pita and vegetables
Fresh Farm Cheese marinated in olive oil with herbs
Mix of Olives

Second Course
Roasted chicken with onions and a sherry lemon sauce
Roman Army Lentil Stew
Blend of spinach and beet greens
Bread baked by the Lord Protector

Third Course
Beef roasted over an open fire
Parsnips with a honey sauce
Roasted beets, carrots, and turnips
Bread baked by the Lord Protector

Fourth Course
Honey Saffron Tart
Fig cakes

Please contact the Head Cook Annabelle di Amalfi with any dietary restrictions, or questions about the feast, or other food concerns

Event Steward: Leah of Constantinople

This is a "discretely wet" site. BYO welcome.


Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site opening and closing times coming soon.
Site Fee: 
Adult Event Registration: $25, Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $20, Children (Ages 8-12): $10, Children (Ages 7 and under): Free, Family Cap: $60
Feast Fee: 
Registration Fee includes Feast. Off-board/no feast registration: Adult: member: $10, non-member $12; under 13 is free
Take Hwy 101 to San Luis Obispo, and take exit 200, Los Osos Valley road. Turn west towards Los Osos. Drive about 15 minutes, then park, and Community Center will be on the right, at the corner of Los Osos Valley Road, and Pallisades. Parking lot is on Pallisades, with additional parking available on the street.