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Mists Spring Investiture

Saturday May 21st, 2016
Sebastopol, California
Their Highnesses Prince Kean and Princess Katherine do cordially invite you to witness the Investiture of Their Heirs. A marvelous feast to celebrate Them will be made by Aine inghean Tuathail ui Ghallchobhair & Carrek MacBrian.
Competitions will include :
Arts and Sciences
Performing Arts : an original poem (this means written by you) in a period style, any time/place. 
Performing Arts : an original song (this means written by you) in a period style, any time/place. 
Silver Spoon : Things made with almonds.
Working on something you don't want to get dirty at tourneys? Show it off here! Bring your recently finished or still in progress work to display in the hall.
Tickets for the feast will be on sale at events and by mail from the autocrat, and must be purchased in advance. Please contact the Seneschal for more information/mailing address. 
Please contact the Head Cook if you have any dietary restrictions/ allergies.
Head Cook : Aine inghean Tuathail ui Ghallchobhair & Carrek MacBrian
Course 1 : Appetizer
Stuffed Eggs
Mixed Pickles
Herb Freitters
Brie Tart with Aprocots
Mushroom Pasties
Course 2 : Main 1
Peascoddes (Peas in pods)
Maccrows (Lasagnia in Broth w/Cheese)
Egurdouce (Sweet & Sour Meat)
Course 3 : Main 2
Roast Beef with Garlic Pepper Sauce
Blaunchyd Porray (Creamed Leeks)
Blamanger (Rice with Chicken)
Hericot de Mouton (Lamb Stew)
Course 4 : Dessert
Cream Custard Tart
Strawberryes with Creme Bastard
Rice Pudding with Honey and Almonds
Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site opens 10:00 am and closes at 8:00 pm.
Site Fee: 
$10 (NMS $5). Children 6-12: $5. 5 and under: free. Family Max: $40.
Feast Fee: 
Feast tickets $11.00 - Make checks payable to “SCA, Inc. – Principality of the Mists.”