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Mists Spring Coronet Tournament

Friday April 6th, 2018 to Sunday April 8th, 2018
Tres Pinos, California


Please avoid driving on the grass. I think you’ll be ok with fires. The half closest to the exhibit halls is the loud side, the half closest to gate 1 is the quiet side; camp accordingly!

Frank, the facilities coordinator, is going to close the gate at ten. It won’t be locked, so you can get in. If you come in after ten pm, be sure to close it behind you.

Your humble autocritter,


This  Event Steward hopes to find you in good health and cheer! Come all gentles and witness the pageantry of chivalry, the breathtaking examples of skills finely honed, and share in the companionship of society members from all around.

From their Highnesses
Unto the populace of the Mists, We, Tuomas and Snorri, your rightful Princes, are seeking Our successors. Our tourney will be Double elimination with each round being best two out of three, with finals being best three of five.

We do hope camping is on your minds, for we will be having dancing and fun closer to the rv section. And want to see the populace have bardics and song! Dancing by a fire! Sitting and looking upon the night sky! Whatever makes you camp! Have fun with your friends and family! A quiet camping area will be on the other side of the Eric using it as a buffer.

Friday, April 6
10am Site opens.

There will be a vigil for James Kristof (James Brooks) in the evening, time TBA.

Saturday, April 7
8am List will open and remain until the beginning of Morning Court.
9am Armor Inspection begins.
10am Morning Court with Invocation to follow.
11:30am Opening Melee

Once the fields collapse in the afternoon, the Roses Tournament and Consort's Tea will begin. The Consort's Tea and newcomer artisan display will be in the large pavilion next to the Mist's pavilion.

Evening Court will begin 1 hour after the close of the Roses Tournament.

At Evening Court, Their Majesties Hans and Helga (Ariah) will be elevating James Kristof to the Order of Chivalry

Sunday, April 8
10am Mists Management Meeting begins
12pm Closing Court begins
4pm Site closes

Prince Consort's Tea
There will be a Prince Consort's Tea at coronet, as well as a 2 year and under artisan's display in the same location. The display and tea will begin at roses, the theme is fresh things. No vinegar, no pickling. Cooked and baked things are okay as long as none of the ingredients are preserved. Artisans should be present during display. A worksheet will be provided so entrants can fill it in on site. All edible creations at the tea will need to be labeled if it has walnuts, carrots, alliums, or lactose.

In keeping with Their Highnesses wish to celebrate the new players in Our game, Prince Snorri has chosen the theme for this Coronet’s Consort’s Tea, as well as a special event.

The Tea this season will be themed Fresh and New. His Highness would like all contributors to bring dishes which are made, as much as is possible, from fresh ingredients. Springtime is a period bursting with new growth, new life, and new possibility. In that vein His Highness asks that we avoid all preserved and processed ingredients. The items need not be raw but, if cooked, he asks that the original ingredients be raw and fresh. Salads, tarts, fresh fruit confections. All fresh and full of Springtime’s promise! The Tea will be held at the beginning of Roses.

Arts and Sciences

His Highness would also like to announce a new artisan’s event also titled Fresh and New!
He would LOVE to see a display of the works of our glorious populace’s newest artisans! He asks that anyone new to our game, in their first or second year, bring forth the works of their hands for us to celebrate! He will have a large pavilion set up next to the Mists Pavilion where he will have tables laid out for the displays. The display will run concurrently with the Tea so that anyone wandering through for a little nosh will have an opportunity to meet and chat with some of our newest players. This is a display, NOT a competition. For anyone who is interested His Highness will make available a Documentation Worksheet. Documentation, so vital to our game, can be a scary and intimidating thing and His Highness wants to start our newest artisans on the road to documentation in as easy and unintimidating a way as possible. Please come and join us! If you know any new artisans who might not have access to this page, please pass along this information or have them contact His Highness directly. We want to meet you!

The Artisans of the Principality are hard at work creating amazing works and intriguing science projects.

Theme for the year: A Day in the Life

Spring Coronet A&S Competitions
• Breakfast Food OR Drink consumed for breakfast in our period. For example: Bread, cheese, small beer
• Any item or concoction used as a toiletry, for example: Soap, comb, hair pomade, basin for wash water, mirror
Documentation is required for these competitions.

Don't like competing? We'll also be hosting a display on the themes above. No documentation required to display your fabulous work!

All entries are due at the Mists A&S Pavilion at 10:30am. Please pick up your entries before Saturday Evening Court.

In addition to the contest and display, the A&S Pavilion will be open to artists and crafty people who want to come, bring a chair and a project or the desire to chat about arts and sciences.

Silver Spoon
Let us celebrate this year with Spices of the Medieval ages! Entries should have the Spice listed in the recipe. It does not have to be the ONLY spice but it will help to be able to taste it. Sauces are fine as long as there is bread or cracker or something neutral to be able to taste.

* Coronet April 7 — Mustard

Competitions for the rest of the year:
• Spring Investiture, May 19 — Pepper but not black pepper: cubeb, long pepper, grains of paradise
• Fall Coronet, Sept. 22 — Cinnamon
• Fall Investiture, Nov. 3 — Saffron

Voting will be done by participating and anyone who wishes to come join the discussion! Come See what Medieval food can be like!

Feel free to contact me with any questions.
Seraphina VanEldstrom (Sarah Vanstrom)
In-coming Silver Spoon Minister

Saltatoris Nebularum
The dance competition for those light of both heart and foot will be held after 5th round on Saturday. More details to follow.

Order of Defense / Rapier
The Order of Defense will hold a tournament, The tournament Marshal-in-Charge is Catrin Aderyn

Tournament will be double elimination or round robin, depending on number of fighters. Each round will be best 2 of 3, with finals best 3 of 5.

Coronet Organizers
The Heavy Marshal in Charge is Badger
The Rapier Marshal in Charge is Symon DeLurant Montgomery

Questions? Problems?
I, your Event Steward, am Karius Hutzelmann of Haus von Schwetzingen, Webminister of the West Kingdom, Interim Arts and Sciences minister. Should you wish to assist any of the fine gentles above, they are more than glad for the help. Should you not know whom to ask, please see me.


• Pets with current vaccinations and on leashes are permitted.
• Open fires are not allowed. Propane and otherwise fixed or covered flames are allowed, as dictated by the West Kingdom Constables' established guidelines. A fire extinguisher must be present and in good working order near any flame.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.

Event StewardKarius Hutzlemann — — 501-733-8786 — No calls after 10pm please.

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site Opens Friday 10am.
Site Fee: 
Adult/16+ Event Registration: $20, Member Discount Event Registration: $15. Children under 16: Free.


Map of Bolado Park
Bolado Park and Surrounding Area

From south of Gilroy: Take the best route to US-101 N to CA-156 E toward San Juan Batista/ Hollister. Turn right onto Union Road. Turn right onto Airline Hwy/ CA-25. *Follow CA-25 through Tres Pinos and the fairgrounds will be on your right.

From the Bay Area: Take US-101 S. Take the CA-25 exit toward Hollister CA-25 merging right going into Hollister. Turn left onto Santa Ana Road. Turn right onto Fairview Road. Turn left onto Airline Hwy/ CA-25 and follow CA-25 through Tres Pinos and the fairgrounds will be on your right.

From I-5: Take CA-33 exit at Santa Nella towards Gilroy. Turn West onto CA-33. Merge onto CA-152 West toward Gilroy. Turn left onto CA-156/ Pacheco Pass Hwy. Turn left onto Fairview Road. Turn left onto Airline Hwy/ CA-25 and follow CA-25 through Tres Pinos and the fairgrounds will be on your right.