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Mists Fall Investiture

Saturday November 4th, 2017
Sebastopol, California

Their Highnesses, Prince Jason and Princess Gwyneth do cordially invite you to witness the Investiture of Their Heirs, Tuomas Egilsson and Snorri Randulfsson.

To celebrate, a wonderful Island Feast - Malta ! -  will be cooked by Carwenna Cornovi and Na’arah bat Avraham. For more information about the feast - there are only 60 seats - contact the Event Steward or Head Cooks. Please contact the Head Cooks if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies at least one week prior.

Here is the tentative menu:

Ancient Artifacts
Antipasti u Ikel Hafif (things to tempt the appetite)
Haxix (a variety of fresh and pickled vegetables) To be renewed during the changing of the courses
Huevos Haminidos (long cooked eggs)
Rummien fl-Ilmo Zahar (Pomegranates with Orange Flower)
Bigella (broad bean paste)
Barley Bread

Arabic Influences
Stuffat tal-Haruf (Meat stew, likely a mix of goat, lamb, beef)
Tigiega bil Zalza tal-Kappar (chicken with a caper sauce)
Pastizzi (pasteries filled with cheese and peas)
Barley pottage
Candied orange peel

Norman and Spanish
Beccun ("pigeon" likely chicken or game hen)
Enjadara (spiced lentils and rice)
Crusty Bread
Salad of Lettuce and Radish
Tarja bil-Buir u I-Irkotta (pasta with cheese)

Knights of Malta
Laham fuq il Fwar (steamed beef with green sauce)
Torta tal-lampuki (fish pie)
Soppa ta'l-Armla (Widows soup/Vegetable soup)
Qara Baghil bl-Irkotta (cheese stuffed Marrows)
Ross fil-Forn (Baked Rice with Saffron)
Mustachederos (walnut cookies)

We reserve the cooks' usual prerogative to change things due to cost or availability or time.

More information available soon on the Mists website and other electronic forms.

Event Steward: Mistress Anne of Whaleshaven (Annette Neal); Phone: 707-585-1268; E-mail:

Head Cooks: Carwenna Cornovi: Phone: (408) 319-0526; E-mail:
Na'arah bat Avraham: Phone: (408) 825-3107; E-mail:

There is extremely limited parking on the surface streets. Parking in the Lodge lot and the street in front of the building will be reserved for the Royals and those with handicap placards.

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site Opens: 10am and Closes: 9pm
Site Fee: 
Adult Event Registration: $20; Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $15; Youth (Ages 12-17): $10; Children (Ages 11 & under): Free; Family Cap: $40
Feast Fee: 
$15 (only 60 seats!)

From the North or South: Take Hwy 101 to Santa Rosa, CA and exit onto Hwy 12 heading west.
From the East: Take Hwy 12 towards Santa Rosa, CA.
Everyone: Continue WEST on Hwy 12 towards Sebastopol. Turn RIGHT onto Petaluma Ave (Petaluma Ave will curve to the left, be in the right-hand lane). Turn RIGHT onto Main Street (CA-116). Mason Lodge will be on your right across from Safeway.