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Golden Rivers Championship and Collegium

Saturday March 30th, 2019
Sacramento, California

The Lord and lady of Golden Rivers, Takeshi and Hikaru, invite you to a day of fighting and arts and sciences under the trees in Sacramento.. Both heavy
and rapier championships will be fought. The day will continue with classes in various arts and sciences. A side board lunch with food prepared by Mistress
Caoilinn Rose Maddox will be available. Come and play with us!

Class list.

Arts and Sciences Classes Golden Rivers Championship
10:30 am
Agnes berengarii de Girona
Medieval Embroidery 101 Fee: $10 (includes: fabric, threads and needles)
students: 6

Katira al-Maghrebiyya
Peri-oid Rings
In this hands-on class, learn the basic construction technique of this not documentable design.  They are pretty and make nice gifts and thank you tokens.  Make several rings.  Students are invited to bring beads and18 or 20 gauge wire and beads to make additional rings
Students: 6

Karina Gründelhardt
Lucet begiining techniques

Linnet Hatfield
Detached button hole. A late period technique that only attaches to the fabric on the edges also discussing using it to attached stones and needle lace. please bring a hoop
8 students,

Joan the Harper – Bard of Golden Rvers

O Frondens Virga: the Music of Hildegard of Bingen.
lecture, and listening to pretty music.

Afternoon classes
1:00 pm

Jocelyn d' Orleans

Intermediate Gouache Paint – Focus on handling gouache paint in layers and shading acanthus leaves Paint, brushes and all supplies will be provided.
8 students

Agnes berengarii de Girona
Beginning Lacis
you will learn the basics of making lace and reading patterns, getting started, linen stitch and hidden stitch.
$10 (hand knotted net, stretcher bars, thread and needle) 6 students

Katira al-Maghrebiyya
Birka Wire Chains -lecture & hands on
learn the construction technique for making several of the wire chains found in Birka Graves.  Also, make a chain based on a find in Lappland.
6 students hands on

Kara of Golden Rivers
Apocalypse 1347: Plague - in 1347 plague entered Europe and in three years wiped out between 30 - 60% of the population; many thought it was the end of human kind. Find out how people coped in that perilous time and what their lives were like afterward.
Marielle DeRivage
Coiled Basketry:
A dry method of making baskets. All materials provided, but if you have scissors and/or a large embroidery needle, please bring them.No fee.
6 students, onlookers welcome.

Lunch is included in you site fee .

Hen in a pot with cinnamon and almonds
Sausages w/ apples
Carrots with cumin and olive oil
Saffron rice
Bread and butter

Per fare pizza(not modern pizza sillies)

Autocrat - Moira O’Connor
Adult Event Registration: $10, Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $5, Children/minors under 17: free, no Family Cap

Site Information: 

From Hwy 50 (either direction), take Watt Avenue South to Kiefer Blvd. Turn LEFT (East) onto Kiefer Blvd. Turn LEFT (North) onto Huntsman Drive. Turn RIGHT (East) onto Americana Way. Park entrance is on the right.