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Mists Fall Coronet

Friday September 21st, 2018 to Sunday September 23rd, 2018
Napa, California

Let it be known that Their Highnesses Antonii and Ciar call forth all who would take the field and seek to become the Heirs to the Mists’ thrones.  His Highness states that combatants vying for the Coronet will need to demonstrate competence in multiple weapon forms.

Unto the splendid Populace of the Mists do We, Antonii and Ciar, Prince by arms and Princess through inspiration, send Our love and greetings.

Our reign is prosperous with love and wisdom, and We could not ask for more than you have given Us – and yet, there is one thing more that We must find amidst Our lands. It is time to cast an eye to the future, and look to secure heirs who will carry the Mists forward into the future when We grow old.

In keeping with the laws and traditions of the Principality, We shall host a grand tournament, and from those lists, determine Our heirs. As was stated at Our investiture, the noble combatant that shall claim victory and place a Coronet on their inspiration’s head must show proficiency in multiple weapons forms.

The tourney shall be a double elimination format- rounds will be best two out of three, pending the number of entrants in the tourney allowing this for time’s sake.

Each round will feature a specific weapon, or shall be specified as ‘choice’, meaning that each combatant can select any weapon they prefer. Round shall progress as follows:

1st Round: Choice
2nd Round: Polearm
3rd Round: Sword and Shield
4th Round: Choice
5th Round: Single Sword
6th Round: Greatsword
7th Round: Two Weapon

Rounds beyond the 7th shall all be “Choice”, as combatants reaching the later stages of the tourney will already have displayed weapons depth.

Finals shall be determined as best three out of five. Weapons shall be matched, and not repeated. Weapons will be selected by the Prince and Princess, and any other visiting Royals. "Bring Your Best" is a valid form, and does not need to be matched.

We look forward to the feats of prowess and deeds of arms that will take place on the field, and to seeing who fortune favors and carries to victory! We have no doubt that Our right and honorable heirs will be found.

Yours in Service to the Dream,

Antonii Rainbringer and Ciar of Skye,
Princeps and Principessa, Cradle of Kingdoms

Her Highness states that the event will have a Persian theme, including a Princess’ Hafla party on the Eric after dinner, for drumming, dancing, and all that goodness.

Further information can be found on the website and Facebook event page.

RV parking is available: $25; contact the site directly.

Event Steward: Argenteilin filia Elffin (Michele Edler) — Phone: (707) 331-3817, no calls after 9 pm — Email:

Watch for the signs pointing to the correct entrance gate/parking lot.

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site Opens: Noon on Friday and Closes: 3pm on Sunday
Site Fee: 
Adult Event Registration: $20; Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $15; Minors (Ages 16 and under): FREE

From I-80: Take CA-12 West toward Napa/Sonoma. Turn right onto CA-29 North. Veer slightly to the right on CA-221 North toward Downtown Napa/Lake Berryessa. Turn right at Imola Ave., and the entrance to the park is approximately 1 mile on the right.
From US-101: Take CA-37 East toward Napa/Vallejo. Turn left on Ca-29 North/Sonoma Blvd. Veer slightly right on CA-221 North toward Downtown Napa/Lake Berryessa. Turn right at Imola Ave. and the entrance to the park is approximately 1 mile on the right.
From CA-12/121 (Carneros Hwy): Turn left on CA-29 North. Exit Imola Ave. and turn right at the light. Stay straight on Imola for 2.5 miles (approximately 6 minutes and 5 lights). Entrance to the park will be on the right.