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Mists - Cynagua War

Friday September 6th, 2019 to Sunday September 8th, 2019
Napa, California

Ready for a twist?  This year the battle will not be Mists vs Cynagua.

Trouble has been brewing between the royal couples.  Confidential sources from within the courts send whispers that the Princesses will be declaring war on their Princes!

What are they fighting over? How will this affect the fall harvest? Should we be preparing for a seige? Do they have dragons?

We will be working hard to answer these hard hitting questions as well as reporting the juicy details here as the drama unfolds!

Here are some of those juicy details:

P vs.P War Scenarios Teaser Script:

Setting: The Darkwood castle rises above the fertile soils of Vinhold, armies swirl around engaged in battle.   Portions of the field contain strong warriors with clanking armor and thundering blows. On the adjacent field, steel flashes and rapid parries break out.   During midday pause for hot lunch, the field swarms with youthful enthusiasm.

Objective:  To delight and entertain the bloodthirsty Princesses of the Mists and of Cynagua who have stomped their adorable little Princess feet and declared war on their Princes, because WAR.

Fighters: Armored and Steel, Youthful and Seasoned come enjoy a day of fighting and hot lunch on the field provided by the Royalty.  Take the field with #TeamBeautifulInspiration or #TeamBruteForce.  Participate in the Chiv vs Known World battle, MOD vs Known World Battle, Youth vs Zombies Battle, 6 foot and under battle (applies to the height of the fighters head), Standard last person (woman!) standing scenarios involving open fields and fixed fronts, and a timed progressive objective battle. 

Detailed schedules to be released in the coming weeks, but keep this event on your calendar.  It is sure to be one of a kind.

More information on-line at: Facebook event page:

Heavy Scenarios

Rapier Scenarios


From the Autocrat: 

The entrance is off in Imola Avenue before the actual park entrance, through the chain link fence. Please do not use the park entrance as it disturbs the park rangers daily activities. Gate is located by the chain-link fence, parking is by the equestrian arena.
If you arrive after gate closes, there will be a Hastings lock in place. PM me if you need the lock combination. Last year the gate was left open several times – please close the gate behind you and lock it if no one is present at gate. There is a vagrancy problem and people will come on site if the gate is left open.  The Blackwood Pavilion (yellow with black battle axes) will be available for the populace use along with the royal. Please feel free to partake in the shade!We have two of the three camping areas reserved. Skyline is a public camping ground and there may be campers in the other area. Remember: everyone is a chatelaine. If there are no campers in the third area, we may be able to spread our wings. That will be determined the day of the event. There may be pop-up space available near the War field depending on how many RVs are parked in the area. The back end of the war field is shared with RVs.

Let’s all have a great time!

Event Steward: Sara a la Petite Rose (Sarah Rozett)/ Da'ud Ibn Ali (David Williams) — Email: da'

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site opens Friday September 6 at 2 PM and closes Sunday September 8 at 2 PM
Site Fee: 
Adult Event Registration: $20, Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $15, Children/minors under 18: free

From I-80: Take CA-12 West toward Napa/Sonoma. Turn right onto CA-29 North. Veer slightly to the right on CA-221 North toward Downtown Napa/Lake Berryessa. Turn right at Imola Ave., and the entrance to the park is approximately 1 mile on the right.
From US-101: Take CA-37 East toward Napa/Vallejo. Turn left on Ca-29 North/Sonoma Blvd. Veer slightly right on CA-221 North toward Downtown Napa/Lake Berryessa. Turn right at Imola Ave. and the entrance to the park is approximately 1 mile on the right.
From CA-12/121 (Carneros Hwy): Turn left on CA-29 North. Exit Imola Ave. and turn right at the light. Stay straight on Imola for 2.5 miles (approximately 6 minutes and 5 lights). Entrance to the park will be on the right.