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Westermark Madness

Saturday September 14th, 2019
Half Moon Bay, California

Knights versus Pirates? MADNESS! Westermark Madness, in truth. But there are no Pirates here, perhaps some Privateers, a few honest Merchantmen. Join the crew for a day of fighting, quests, bardic, and food! We will have a quest (for the knights) and a treasure hunt (for the pirates). Knights will run the Thug and Champion tournaments (Thug is Sir Helga!) and Sailors (Commodore DeGuzman) the fencing. John Theophilus offers prizes for young and old, Knightly and Pirate, in a bardic contest in the afternoon: Bring your best Knightly (Balladic) or Piratical (Chantey) song. We will have a group sing of "To the West" and "Westermark's Privateers" so those won't win.

For more Arts and Science a Class: Paint Your Own Pirate or Knightly Fan, taught by Cilean Stirling. $5 to keep fan or free if donated to Kingdom.

See Lady Rew Payne for all the details your brain can contain!

Potluck feast: Bring the best Knightly foods or best Pirating deserts or High seas dishes to share! Please make ingredients list available for those with food allergies. Sea Serpent, I mean Tri-tip will be provided by the Baron and Baroness of Westermark, cooked to perfection by our very own Balthazar!!

Children on leashes and dogs running wild, oh, wait, that’s... those heathens!! Children welcome and PETS ON LEASHES. Please bring doggy bags for unmentionables.

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Please try to carpool there is limited parking. We want many people to come, so join the day trip together! Bring sun shade and chairs and tables .

There’s no water on site. Bring what you need. Ports potty will be available (We are not that heathenish)

Event Steward: Rew Payne (Ruth Miller) — E-mail: — Phone: (510) 505-0475

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Start Time: 
Site opens at 9 am and closes at 6 pm
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Donations accepted but not expected. Cash or checks!

Don’t trust GPS.
Take your best route to Hwy 1 at Hwy 92. South on Hwy 1 to Higgins Canyon Rd. Go 3.5 miles up Higgins Canyon Rd. ENTER There is another 1/2 mile or so of private small road to site. We will post signs on Hwy 1 and then at the address. We can not put signs on Higgins itself.