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Service Symposium (Virtual)

Saturday February 13th, 2021 to Sunday February 14th, 2021

Service at all levels impacts us all

...and yet, we often remain isolated and apart while engaging in or benefitting from service.

Service Folk breeze past each other moving to the next activity.  Sometimes their acts remain unseen, other times they call attention to themselves to direct attention where needed.  Throughout a typical day, they offer on-the-job training while they spin the world.  Service Folk can lack time to express deeper philosophies, unseen hacks, and the love foundational to their work.   Our current world provides opportunity and time. 

  • Come spend a weekend virtually sharing your real-life experiences and your personal passions. 
  • Come indulge in learning from others and teaching yourself. 
  • Come expand your skills and maybe your world view.

Just Come!  No Pre-registration needed.



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Disclaimer: Please note that, by participating, you are agreeing to be recorded and granting permission to have the video posted/streamed to SCA Social Media Channels.