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VIRTUAL Cynagua Spring Coronet - RAID EDITION

Friday May 28th, 2021 to Saturday May 29th, 2021
Web Zoom Facebook, California

Please join Their Highnesses of Cynagua Prince Ragnarr and Princess Brynhildr as They celebrate (what will technically be the 1 st anniversary of) Their May Coronet! With the return of the beautiful spring weather the daydreams of Their Highnesses have been turning towards the future, and the grand adventures it will hold. They have especially been dreaming of Their neighbors, and the wonderful visits that They will be able to share someday by participating in an activity dear to the hearts of many Cynaguans — RAIDING!

While we cannot gather in person just yet, Their Highnesses invite you all to join in an event full of classes, comradery, and good old-fashioned Cynaguan shenanigans inspired by the dreams of future raiding adventures. Information will be found on this web page and on the Principality of Cynagua Facebook page as it becomes available.

Event Steward: Fionnghuala of Cynagua (Krista Woodford) — Phone: 530-559-7874 — Email:

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Start Time: 
Event begins on May 28 and ends on May 29, times TBD

Virtual Events lack a physical location. Follow the links on this page to the applicable website or Facebook group and there will be specific log in info available there. If you get lost, contact the event steward.