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Silver Desert Championship

Saturday August 13th, 2022
Reno, Nevada

In the mists of time, the Province of the Silver Desert, isolated from the main kingdom by mighty mountains and swift rivers, underwhelmed with fighters and overwhelmed with artisans, but plagued with a unique sense of humor, desired to emulate her sisters and hold a Championship Tournament.

Understanding that a proper lord or lady should be conversant with many skills, but not necessary all of them, we created a Championship in which fighters and non-fighters alike to strive to become CHAMPION!

There are seven competitions, each one with a sponsor who provides a small prize. Those contending for the title of CHAMPION must enter at least five of the contests. All are encouraged to enter any of the contests without meeting the minimum requirement. The winner gets a small prize and three points. Second place gets two points and third gets one point. At the end of the day, the eligible person with the most points becomes our new CHAMPION!

Silliness is the order of the day. Often, no skill whatsoever is required to win a contest. To that end, this year’s competitions are as follows:

• Weird Weapons Heavy List: Combinations pulled out of a hat for each pairing. The only combination not allowed is sword and shield. Loaner weapons and gauntlets available.

• Arts & Sciences: You will be handed a bag with stuff in it. Make something with the stuff.

• Bardic: Damning With Faint Praise  compliments al la Shakespeare

• Board Game: TAFL, a Norse board game easy to learn and swift to play. Will be taught before the competition starts

• Trivia: Decide if the statements are true or made-up events

• Archery: See that invisible 30-foot wall? Shoot an arrow ‘over’ it. If it lands inside one of the hula-hoops laying on the ground (hidden in the weeds), you get a point

• Game: Hobby Horse Jousting. Bring your hobby horse or rent one from the Count of the Stable. Joust with collapsible kids ‘lances’. The gallery will choose the winner.

Event Steward: Thorir Kraki (Phillip Lee) — Phone: 775-250-5276 — Email:

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site opens at 8am and closes at dark
Site Fee: 
Donation to cover cost of the privy.

From Sacramento: Take I-80 to Reno, take Exit 15 (ramp to right but stay in the left or the two exiting lanes) to head north on US 395. About 33 miles turn right on Red Rock Road. Just under 5 miles turn left on to Quarterhorse Circle. Second driveway on left.
From Chico: Take your best route to CA 70 toward Quincy, head East about 127 miles to Hallelujah Junction and turn left. Go about 9.8 miles and turn right on to Red Rock Road and follow the directions above.
From East: Take best route to I-80 and take Exit 15 then follow the directions for the drivers from Sacramento.