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Hawk's Haven Grand Archery Tourney & Falcon's Treaty Rapier Tournament

Saturday February 25th, 2023
Gilroy, California

Time to string your bows and polish your rapiers. Once again, the Canton of Hawk's Haven is host to a day of archery, rapier, and fun!  Please join us at this beautiful site for a wide range (pun intended) of activities, competitions, and entertainments.

The site is a working Alpaca Farm. No dogs allowed. Service animals allowed if leashed.

Archery round pre-registration:

There will be 2 tournaments. Hopefully one regular Rapier and one Cut & Thrust (it will depend on the numbers)

There will be 2 rapier activities:
2nd round:
The Giant Game (Reg and CnT)
The Animal Game

Giant game:
At the start of each round, the "Giant" has to draw a card that indicates what body part (kill region) the Giant has to successfully attack to defeat the attacker.
The attacker has to hit the Giant three times to kill him (win)
Animal Game list
A Boar => double dagger
A Turtle => shield + single sword
A Elephant => single sword
A Lion => dagger and single sword
A Stag => Case
A Raven => Cape + sword
A Unicorn => Spear
A Monkey => baton
A Gazelle => Long sword

The Taste of Hawks Haven is making its return!!! Bring a period dish to share. The people attending the event can taste your dish and cast their vote for the favorite dish of the day. Please bring an ingredient list so we don't poison our friends!

Event Steward: Na’arah bat Avraham (Merrin Davidson) — E-mail: — Phone: (408) 825-3107
[Please note: Most reliable way to reach me is by text or email. I do NOT have FB messenger on my phone. ]

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site opens at 8am and closes at 5pm.
Site Fee: 
Adult Event Registration: $15; Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $10; Children 17 and under Free; Family Cap: None.

Find your way to Gilroy. Take Hwy 152 W. Turn right on Burchell Rd. Site is 0.5 miles on the left.
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