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Eskalya May Revel

Saturday May 20th, 2023
Anchorage, Alaska

SPRING THAW! Winter is gone; the fjords are free of ice and snow and Spring comes forth with a symphony of color... Blah Blah, come we now to celebrate!

Fighters want a tourney event. Artistsans want completions. The ladies want a feast-dancy thingie.

We herein offer diversions enough to welcome Spring with food, fun and frivolity. To that end we are thinking warm and sunny thoughts.
COMPLETIONS: Something Sunny.  A/S Sun also Rises. Best display of sun(s) in any mode.
GAMES: Quick the Bard and Stomp the Duck.
FIGHTING: Barron Bransle, most outrageous death, and 3-legged race in armour for Heavies. Rapier will have fanciest death, bear pit, and 3-legged race in armour.
BARDIC: "Chalice from the Palace" challenge.
COOKING: Spring themed desserts
FEAST: Pot luck. Barony will furnish meat.

Event Steward: Elspeth Bouchannane (Jacki Frederick)  — Phone: 907-240-3759 — E-mail:

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Site opens 10 AM and closes 8 PM
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Make your best way to Anchorage.

From North of Anchorage: From the main Highway: Continue straight onto E 5th Ave; Turn left onto L St; Continue onto Minnesota Dr/Walter J. Hickel Parkway; Take the exit toward Raspberry Rd; Turn left onto Jewel Lake Rd; Turn left onto Strawberry Rd; the Parish will be on the left.

From South of Anchorage: Follow AK-1 N to Raspberry Rd in Anchorage. Take the Raspberry Rd exit from Walter J. Hickel Pkwy. Turn left onto AK-1 N. Take the O'Malley Road exit. Merge onto Brayton Dr. Turn left onto O'Malley Rd/Walter J. Hickel Pkwy. Take the Raspberry Rd exit. Turn left onto Raspberry Rd. Turn left onto Jewel Lake Rd. Turn left onto Strawberry Rd; the Parish will be on the left.

From Within Anchorage: Make your best way to Jewel Lake Rd; Turn Left onto Strawberry Rd; the Parish will be on the left.