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Calendar Policy

The Kingdom Calendar is available to local group seneschals in the Spring for events to be held in the following year. This date will be communicated as widly as possible and will be as early as possible.  Prior to the Calendar Requests start date, the Kingdom Seneschal/Calendar Deputy will create a list of approved Kingdom and Principality events. 

2021 Calendar Policy

The 2021 Kingdom Calendar Date Request Google Form is available to local group seneschals for initial enrollment from April 1 - 15, 2020 for events to be held in 2021.   On April 16th, the form will close.  Initial Requests will be processed.  Once the initial calendar is set, the form will reopen for all branches (May 1, 2020?) . 

Conflict regions are as follows: Cynagua, Far West, Mists, Northern Marches, Oertha, Southern Marches.  Every effort will be made not to schedule conflicting events within these regions.  Border groups in different regions may be considered in conflict.  IE Wolfscairn/Ravenshore, Vinhold/Champclair, Hawk’s Haven/Canale, Darkwood/Tarnmists, etc  Such conflicts will be resolved on a case by case basis.

Events in California/Nevada are not allowed to conflict with Crowns, Coronations, or Mists/Cynagua War.   Exceptions may be granted by the Crown on a case-by-case basis.  For other Kingdom level events, attempts will be made not to schedule conflicts within the region if the proposed site is known at the time of calendaring.

Branches may submit up to 2 events during initial enrollment.  Required Information: Branch, Seneschal Name, Event Name, Event Preferred Start Date/Time, Event Preferred End Date/Time,  Event City (Tentative/Confirmed) Optional Information:  You will be given a chance to provide information to help clear conflicts, notify officers of intent and aid in promotion/advertisement of your event.  At the end of the initial enrollment period all events requests submitted will be considered. All event 1 submissions will be calendared first, followed by all event 2 submissions. 

If two branches in a conflict region request the same date, the Seneschals will be contacted and attempts will be made to negotiate to clear the conflict or get consent to conflict.  If negotiation does not resolve the issue, a decision will be made by the Kingdom Seneschal.

The open submission window will begin after initial dates are processed.  Target date: May 1, 2020.  Events submitted during this time will be processed as received.  Branches may conflict with permission of the Seneschal of the branch that currently holds the date.

No Branch is required to hold an event with a date on the official calendar.  Baronies and Provinces are highly encouraged to have at least one event as a sign of their active status. 

The Seneschal’s office recognizes the value of branches holding meetings, arts days, fighter practices, etc for establishing branch activity and for supporting the populace in a given geographic area.  Publishing a date on the official Calendar allows the Royalty to do official business such as holding court and giving awards.  It satisfies the publication requirement for insurance.  It also provides some limited protection against conflicts from other official events.  And finally, it is one means of promotion and advertising using Kingdom resources. 

Advertising Events using only a Facebook forum/page is not acceptable.  Event information must be posted on the Official calendar.  Facebook and other social media serve as an addition not an alternative to the standard information made available to the populace.  Copy covering at least the minimum information required by Corpora must be submitted to no later than 2 first-of-the-months before your event to meet The Page’s deadline. 

The 2020 Calendar is in open enrollment.  Please use  the 2020 Calendar event submission short form  to request dates for the remainder of 2020.