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Dru Barner Equestrian Campground (Bottle Hill Rd, Georgetown California 95634)

Bottle Hill Rd
95634 Georgetown , CA

Easiest Haul Directions:

From Sacramento go East Bound US 50 to Shingle Springs. Exit 37 for South Shingle Rd. Left at South Shingle, go over US 50. Next right at North Shingle Road, go 4 miles.

North Shingle Rd becomes Lotus Road (at Green Valley Road intersection). Continue down Lotus Road (6.8 miles) to Highway 49. Left onto Highway 49 (for 0.5 miles). Right on Marshal Road, go 9 miles. Right on Main Street, Georgetown CA. Go down Main Street though Georgetown

Main Street becomes Wentworth Springs Road when leaving Georgetown. Go 7.4 miles on Wentworth Springs to Rowdy Rd. Take Rowdy Road (.3 miles) to the Sharp Right for Bottle Hill BYPASS. Go 0.7 miles on Bottle Hill Bypass. Go left on Bottle Hill Road (0.3 miles) to Dru Barner Campground

Follow SCA Signs to Dru Barner Equestrian Campground