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Rivenoak Bardic - Re-Mix (7pm)

Every Saturday at 7:00pm

Join Rivenoak for a Re-mix (Re-do) of our June Bardic Night. The June event was cancelled due to the high temperature. The populace expressed support to hold a make-up Bardic on the 31st of July. This Bardic is a place where you can practice and perform songs, poetry, or prose and contribute to an enjoyable evening for all. You are also welcome if you only want to listen. This meeting normally occurs every 5th Tuesday of the Month (not every month), but is occuring on this Saturday as a Special Event!!

Please contact our Minister of Arts & Sciences (A&S) or Seneschal for details, directions to the site, and for availablility of classes or materials, if needed.

Baronial Seneschal Seamus -; (530) 591-5494

Baronial A&S Minister Myranda -