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Rivenoak Scriptorium (7pm)

Fourth Tuesday of every Month

Join Rivenoak for our Scriptorum where you can learn and practice Calligraphy and Illumination. This meeting occurs every 4th Tuesday of the Month.

Please contact our Minister of Arts & Sciences (A&S) or Seneschal for details and directions to the site. Classes focused on the skill level of students is provided and materials are often available for newcomers.


Baronial Officers:

Seneschal Seamus -; (530) 591-5494

A&S Minister Sinead (aka Myranda) -


Scriptorium Experts and Instructors (and Site Hosts):

Mistress Hilarie (Expert in Illumination) -; (530) 518-9007

Master Bjorn (Expert in Calligraphy) -; (530) 521-3337