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Arts and Science Volunteers

Thank you for volunteering!

To ensure we get accurate information, please fill out as many of the fields below as possible.

If you have questions, you can contact the Kingdom Arts and Science minister by clicking here.


Please input your Society name, it does not need to be registered. This will be used only for organizing events
Please enter an email you can be contacted at. Getting you on the event schedule is difficult without a contact email
Please list the events you're available to teach at. If you have a specific event in mind you would like to teach at, please add it, and put "preferred" next to it. Between each event, add a comma. e.g.West Kingdom A&S - Preferred, October Crown, Fall Coronet, 12th Night
The title of the class or demo you're offering to present.
Please describe, in as much detail as possible, the class or demo you wish to give.
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Please list any supplies the participant can or should bring with them.
An estimate is all that is needed. If no cost or charge, leave blank.