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Kingdom of the West Bard

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  • Bard of the West : Bersi Eðvarðarson

Greetings from the office of the Bard of the West!

The Bard of the West was established by Their Majesties Uther and Asa over ten years ago and exists for "the goal of advancing the cause of Bardic pursuits and activities in the Kingdom at large, and for the King and Queen at Their request. The Bard of the West will focus on performing for the Crown and populace in a manner that inspires all listeners, and regales them with songs, stories, and recountings about the deeds and lives of our ancestors, as well as the happenings of Our Current Middle Ages in the Kingdom of the West. The Bard of the West will serve as a chronicler of great events, deeds, and matters of import in the Kingdom of the West through the songs and stories they will perform and record for posterity."

The competition to determine the next Kingdom Bard occurs every year at the Beltane Coronation event, with the office changing hands at June Crown Tournament.