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Stellanordica Herald

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  • Stellanordica Herald : Caitriona inghean ui Chionaodha
  • Wolfhound Herald : Astrid Thorasdottir

The Stellanordica Herald is the principal herald for the Principality of Oertha.  Stellanordica duties include assisting with name research (onomastics) and the design, registration, and display of devices ('coats of arms'). Stellanordica may also serve as the "Voice of Prince" or other royalty by assisting at court or making general announcements.

The Stellanordica Herald is assistated by three deputies:

  • Wolfhound Pursuivant - Deputy in charge of name and device submissions to the West Kingdom College of Heralds.  This office is currently held by Baron Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov, OP.
  • Sejant Wolf Herald - Deputy in charge of any Principality court, designated as the voice of the Coronets.  This office is rarely filled and overlaps with the duties of Arcturus Herald. This office is currently vacant.  
  • Arcturus Herald (title not registered) - Personal herald to Their Highnesses of Oertha.  This office is filled at the discretion of the reigning Prince and Princess and the individual so selected remains in office only for the duration of that reign.  This office is currently vacant.