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Kingdom of the West Seneschal

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  • Kingdom of the West Seneschal : Katrina Yarbrough, OP
  • ER Deputy : Francisco de Salamanca
  • Technomancer : Karius Hutzelmann
  • Collegium Chancellor : Katla loki Ulfsdottir
  • Waiver Secretary : Kelsy Aylesworth
  • West Kingdom Social Media Officer : Rhys ap Gwion Baird
  • Notary : Ula Brennasdottir
  • Kingdom Waiver Secretary : Eireannach nic Ghiolla Chainnigh

Officer Database Deputy: Thorvaldr Fiaksson

Collegium Occidentalis: Antonio Giordano da Sicilia
Disaster Relief Coordinator: Anne of Cloondara WEBSITE
Far West Liaison: Mistress Siobhan ni Seaghdha
Merchant Liaison: Francisco de SalamancaArgenteilin filia Elffin

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  • Videos of Prior Meetings:
  1. 2021: March
  • Summaries of Prior Meetings:
  1. 2019: Reign 3
  2. 2019: Reign 2
  3. 2019: Reign 1
  4. 2018: Reign 3
  5. 2018: Reign 2
  6. 2018: Reign 1
  7. 2017: Q3

Society Announcements:

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (6/2/2020)

In period, the seneschal was the principal administrator or steward in charge of a lord's household and estate in feudal times; as the seneschal of a king, the responsibilities of the King’s Seneschal were as vast as the kingdom itself. Modernly, the Kingdom Seneschal is responsible for the administrative operation of the kingdom. The seneschal maintains and updates Kingdom Law as well as the business records of the kingdom, sets and presides over kingdom officers meetings, reports to the Crown and the Society Seneschal regarding the operation of kingdom’s activities, organizes the kingdom’s calendar, contracts for event sites, designates autocrats for kingdom events, takes part in financial decision-making within the kingdom, acts as a liaison between the kingdom and the mundane world and generally works to ensure that the West Kingdom is run according to the laws of the mundane legal authority, SCA regulations and the law of the Kingdom of the West.